Perhaps it is best to describe Miniism in the words Zoel proclaimed upon its inception...
"Whereas Colin has demanded a sect.
Whereas Colin's real name is Mini.
Whereas Colin wanted his sect named Colinism.
Whereas the airspeed velocity of a swallow is 42.
I Cofounder Zoel hereby proclaim that Miniism is a heretical and unacceptably despicable sect of weluvducsoha.
I recognize that Mini is the only known memeber of Miniism.
I recognize that the fundimental tenents of Miniism shall be decided by Mini and are therefore heretical.
Thus Sayith Co-founder ZOel, thus sayith SWMNBNBHTBACII."

Other than what is presented here, no one really knows why there's a Miniism in the first place much less what it's about. It's founded by Mini, though, so that should imply enough...
As said, currenly CM Mini is the only member.
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