Jerodism was actually created by Brain Candy, but is controlled by JerOD.

the main beliefs of JerODism are

Truth be told, JerODism was some idea that sprang in BC's head one day and he declared that even though JerOD wasn't a member [of Weluvducsoha], he should have his own sect to make his own tenets. Mostly this was simply because JerOD has always had a certain ability to really piss people off and BC thought it would be amusing to give JerOD the ability to express his often contriversial views out in the open. As a result, everyone begins screaming at JerOD, and BC sits back and laughs at the chaos he has masterfully created.
Current JerODists include JerOD himself, as well as some annoying person who has met BC (not vice versa) at college and who enigmatically posts at random intervals as "Chocozuma." Chocozuma, on his(her) first posting spree declared that it was his intent to join JerODism. (S)He has since been designated as an UE (Ultimate Evil).
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