Subj: Indulgences 
Date: 8/12/03 5:16:46 PM Central Daylight Time
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     Logan, I haave a formal revision for PIE rule number 8.  All people who
claim to be a gnome are just saying that so they would not be considered a
gnome, which means they are trying to dissuade others from thinking they are
gnomes, therefore they are in effect denying being a gnome, so they ARE a
     More importently, I, HCM Brain Candy will accept indulgences on the
behalf of Peoria for their sins.  What this means is that people can pay THE
PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE to forgive them their sins they will do in the next three
months (To all you sniviling little weasels out there, it means that you can
pay and then do whatever you desire for a whole 3 months because all sins you
may commit in that time period are forgiven when you pay).