Subj: ducks 
Date: 5/16/03 8:08:04 PM Central Daylight Time
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I looked at the additions you made to weluvducsoha.
You have to state what the prefix UG means nest to Blankey's member page link.
And what's with Adam's site?  That's just bizzare. 
I've had an epipheny (I think that's how I spell it).
My new sect (or denomination or whatever) shall be called...
Some of our differences will include:
1-CM Brain Candy shall one day destroy HCM Zoel in a great and glorious battle.
2-Mallards are the best kind of ducks so ha!
3-Cheesecake tastes good.
(Keep in mind THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE have a long list of rules)
4-Murphy (The guy who came up with Murphey's laws) was once a great leader of
5-All computer's (but especially Macs) are inherently evil.
6-Tellatubies and the like are straight from the depths of hell (or the place
of eternal Sodemy).
7-All people who deny being gnomes, in all actuallity, really are gnomes.
8-All people who claim to be a gnome are not gnomes.
9-All people who say anything other than "yes" or "no" to the inquisition of
being a gnome, are just plain stupid morons.
And so on and so on.
I'll discuss this with you later. (Print this out if you can't remember it