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Concerning the removal of Ionix from our religion. Ionix, attempted to quit Welvuducsoha, and was immediatly condemned by HCM Betty. HCM Betty then proceeded to create a number of eccentric and dogmatic laws designed to force Ian out of the religion. Of course, Ionix could have argued against these laws by creating specific exceptions for members of his sect, but Ionix wasn't this intelligent. As a result, Ionix ended up being forced out of the religion.... Which is impossible... Ionix is, in effect, no longer a member of Weluvducsoha; he has renounced his religion and declared that there is no one true way. Alas, he cannot leave. Nobody can. Ionix is a member of Weluvducsoha forever... even if he isn't... even if he doesn't want to be... even if HCM Betty kicked him out of the religion... no matter what.
Ionix is a member of Weluvducsoha, but if he thinks he quit, then we kicked him out first.

Ionix has decided to come back into the religion again, with the blessing of HCM Betty. Finally, even he admidts he's a member once more.

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This page is devoted to, well i guess, Ionix.....
Why exactly we would want a page devoted to Ionix...I dunno
Maybe we're (very) Mad....
Things to know about Ionix:

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