( Former High Cleve-Molestor) Cleve-Person Betty

Betty was a HCM. He was also co-founder of the religion... Err... He still is co-founder of the religion. Just that he's not a High-Cleve Molestor anymore. Nope! he renounced his title and declared that he wanted to be a Cleve-Person. Personally, I think it was a move for the better, not that I'm giving up my title. And no, I'm not saying that Betty deserves to be a CP. I'm just noting that our religion has more hierarchy then it does laity. Anyways, Betty is a Weluvducsomonk too!
Welcome to Betty's page
Devoted entirly to High cleve-molestor Betty
And to nobody else.

Things to know about Betty

Attention world!
Betty needs rescuing!

Yes, that's the truth, I was reading my e-mail from him when suddenly he was attacked by a terrrible thingie!
Read for yourself!

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! oh my foot. what the hell was, NO! I was bit! getting hazy, logan get help like in those old stupid lassy movies I....
See, now someone go and save him for me!

Day two: It's the second day now... I still havn't heard from Betty... I'm starting to get just a little bit worried.
Oh well, perhaps he shall show up again tomorrow... Perhaps not!

The conclusion of the matter:
Betty is saved. In fact, he even congratulated me on my heroics. Now thouroughly happy with having been a hero, I, HCM Zoel, do solemnly congratulate myself on being such a great person. Granted, it's a bit egotistical, but I have a very long line of reasoning to defend it. It goes like this:

If I am not egotistical, it is so that I may boast that I am not egotistical. Boasting that one is not egotistical is inherently egotistical. Therefore, it is best to admit that one is egotistical and forgo the need to lie in addition to already being egotistical.
So you see, I congratulate myself, Betty congratulates me, and BC doesnt' count unless he congratulates me too.

BC does count as he is the only one with motivation enough to modify the page. Nontheless, I congratulate toast instead.
In anycase, is Swanson just a figurehead or something now? Because I've seen him pop up once in Weluvducsoha matters in the past two years...

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