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This Page devoted wholy and entirly to High Cleve-Molestor Brain Candy (CM BC). Of course, we'll have trouble filling awhole page with stuff about BC, but who knows.

Brain Candy, who wants to be a HCM has founded a new sect of the religion known as THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PIE. Whether or not this merits his becoming a HCM will be left up for debate amounst the elitist leadership of the cult.
Alas, it hath been decided to promote BC after much debating and dissention.

Brain candy is a very interesting person, and here are some things to know about him:
  • BC is both very smart and very stupid
  • BC is most definatly insane
  • BC enjoys doing stupid things
  • BC likes to study quantum physics
  • BC knows nothing, even if he knows everything
Perhaps the most intersting thing about Brain Candy is the numerous books he is currently writing:
The as of yet un-named series concerned the universe at large and Xar in general
This is a bery interesting, and for the most part unwritten, series about a whole lot of things. While there are more side plots and charecters then could be counted, the two series each have a single theme.
The first series is primarally concerned with a single collection of universes which are colliding. Known or unknown, a force which can only be described as evil is causing chaos. While the universes collide with one another, the evil force, Mortagon, is plotting the doom of all humanity.
In the second series, each of two parallel multiverses have overcome the threat posed by mortegon. In one, Xar has become humanities savior, in the other, their enslaver. Finally, in the ultimate battle of good vs evil, Xar takes on his other self.
genius Wars
genius wars, is the ongoing saga of BC's attempts to destroy his arch-enemy, HCM Zoel, and conquer all. To help him do this, he will often come up with giant armadas such as the one in the background. Zoel usually retaliates with his own plans for world domination which may, or may not, involve a penguin.
Thank you for taking the time to read this highly informative page about HCM BC.

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